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Cosmetology Outline

Name of Course: Cosmetology

Description of Course: All phases of Cosmetology, 2000 Clock Hours.

Course Goal:

  1. Our goals are to prepare today's students to become tomorrow's successful and influential professionals by teaching a high level curriculum in the cosmetology arts, and sciences field.
  2. Pass the Montana State Written and Practical Cosmetology Examination for Licensure.

Hair Cutting - 205 Hours


  1. Know how to hold hair-cutting tools properly.
  2. Know when and how to use various hair cutting tools. (Shears, razors, clippers, tapering shears and blenders)
  3. Know men's clipper cutting techniques and how to outline men's cuts with an edger razor.
  4. Learn various methods of planning and sectioning haircuts.
  5. Know how to establish length and design lines.
  6. Know how to elevate the haircut for high,medium, low under and reverse elevation.
  7. Know how to taper hair. (Shallow, medium and deep.)
  8. Be able to read clients hair growth direction.
  9. Know how to cut a straight line int he hair with shears, clippers and edger.
  10. Know how to slither hair with shears.
  11. Know how to use blending shears.
  12. Learn how to communicate with patron and determine the desired style and their needs.
  13. Know that hair cutting and shaping is the foundation for the hairstyle.
  14. Know safety precautions for shaping and cutting.

Chemical Services - 530 Hours


  1. Know how to wrap a perm rod perfectly.
  2. Know how to section hair for various permanent waves.
  3. Know how to prepare the strand for no-stem, half-stem, and full stem perm wraps.
  4. Able to recognize different hair textures, hair density and hair porosity.
  5. Know how to read a permanent wave rod.
  6. Know how to do a split wrap.
  7. Know how to do a spiral wrap.
  8. Know how to do a rod transfer perm.
  9. Know the difference between acid and alkaline perm and how to do both perms.
  10. Know chemistry pertaining to permanent waving.
  11. Know how to protect client during permanent waving service.
  12. Know record keeping for permanent waving.
  13. Know safety rules for permanent waving.
  14. Know various reasons for tinting, bleaches and dyes.
  15. Know various products used for tinting, bleaches and dyes. How they are applied and used.
  16. KNow hair coloring triangle CO-ED-CO program.
  17. Know color levels from dark to light colors.
  18. Know how to select proper color for client.
  19. Know how to give a patch test.
  20. Know hair color definitions.
  21. Learn frosting, tipping and streaking methods.
  22. Know record keeping for tints, bleaches and dyes.
  23. Know safety precautions for tints, bleaches and dyes.
  24. Sodium Hydroxide

Hairstyling - 260 Hours


  1. Successfully complete and master CO-ED-CO Hairdressing for Beginners program.
  2. Complete and master Hairdressers Skills and Designs CO-ED-CO program.
  3. Learn wet setting techniques.
  4. Learn dry setting techniques (Iron and air waving).
  5. Learn CO-ED-CO five steps on the comb-out.
  6. Know various products used in hair styling, how they are applied and the effect they have on hair.
  7. Know safety rules for hair styling.
  8. Know how to drape a patron.
  9. Know how to give a shampoo manipulation.
  10. Know proper rinsing techniques.
  11. Product knowledge - Know various shampoos, rinse and conditioning products, how they are applied and their effect on the hair and scalp.
  12. Be able to recognize various scalp disorders.
  13. Know how to apply professional scalp manipulations.
  14. Know safety precautions for shampooing, rinsing and scalp treatments.

Manicuring - 125 Hours


  1. Know implements and cosmetics used in manicuring.
  2. Know how to prepare a manicure table.
  3. Know basic procedure for manicuring.
  4. Know basic procedure for pedicures.
  5. Know how to apply and prepare nail tips.
  6. Know how to apply acrylic, gel and silk wraps.
  7. Know how to give arm, hand and foot massage.
  8. Know safety and sanitary procedures for manicuring.

Facials, Cosmetic, Chemistry, Electricity, Waxing - 150 Hours


  1. Learn hair structure and chemistry simplified (Milady Text).
  2. Know basic electricity pertaining to cosmetology.

Salon Management, Business Methods - 150 Hours


  1. Know cosmetology code of ethical conduct.
  2. Learn how to maintain a professional attitude.
  3. Learn well, sound, selling techniques, and methods.
  4. Know and practice good personal grooming habits.

Sanitation - 80 Hours

School Discretion - 500 Hours

Objectives: This portion of the curriculum will provide students with a high level of practical experience.

Instructional Methods: The course will be taught using a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, small groups, demonstrations, handouts/worksheets, practical applications, etc.



  1. Milady Standard Textbook of Cosmetology
  2. Milady Standard Theory Workbook
  3. CO-ED-CO Student Workbook
  4. Montana Cosmetology Law Book


  1. Modern Salon
  2. Nail Pro
  3. Behind the Chair

Visual Aids:

  1. TV
  2. VCR


  Gainful Employment – Cosmetology