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Teacher Training Outline

Name of Course: Teacher Training

Description of Course: All phases of Teaching Training 650 Clock Hours.

Course Goals:

  1. Our goals are to prepare today's students to become tomorrow's successful and influential professionals, by teaching a high level curriculum in the cosmetology arts, and sciences.
  2. Pass the Montana State Written and Practical Manicuring Examination for Licensure.
  3. Licensure.

Teaching Methods - 245 Hours


  1. Know task analysis.
  2. Know developing instructional objectives.
  3. Know how to use visual aids and their construction.
  4. Know motivational tools.
  5. Know preparation of instructive materials.
  6. Learn lesson planning of practical theory classes and practical demonstration classes.
  7. Know methods of test constructions.
  8. Know methods of evaluation or grading.
  9. Know curriculum planning and development.

General Psychology - 75 Hours


  1. Know general principles in relations to teaching and counseling.
  2. Know conflict resolutions.
  3. Know student counseling.
  4. Know student and Teacher relationships.
  5. Know public relations.

Business Methods - 115 Hours


  1. Know recruitment.
  2. Know job analysis.
  3. Know student registration.
  4. Know student withdrawal.
  5. Know student hours.
    1. Tracking
    2. Completing
    3. Calculating
    4. Verifying
  6. Ethical employee and employer relationship.
  7. Know Salon/Booth rental relationship.
  8. Know professional ethics.
  9. Know current state board laws and rules.

Advanced Theory of Cosmetology Ethics, or Manicuring - 75 Hours


  1. Know advanced Chemistry.
  2. Know advanced Safety.
  3. Know advanced Sanitation.
  4. Know advanced Bacteriology.
  5. Know advanced Physiology.
  6. Know advanced Anatomy.
  7. Know advanced diseases and disorders that apply to each course.

School Discretion - 85 Hours

Objectives: This portion of the curriculum will provide students with a high level of practical experience.

Instructional methods: The course will be taught using a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, small groups, demonstrations, handouts/worksheets, practical applications, etc.



  1. CO-ED-CO Instructors Manual.
  2. Cosmetology Hair Styling Teacher-Training Manual.
  3. Milady Standard System of Salon Skills
  4. Teaching Starts Here By: Rufus V. Hays.
  5. Montana Laws and Rule Book


  1. Modern Salon
  2. Nail Pro
  3. Behind the Chair

Visual Aids:

  1. TV
  2. VCR
  3. DVD

Gainful Employment – Teacher Training