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Following is an organizational chart of the ownership and staff of the Bitterroot School of Cosmetology.




Mrs. Barara Daughenbaugh
Mr. Douglas Daughenbaugh


Financial Aid/Director



Mrs. Barbara Daughenbaugh





Mrs. Barbara Daughenbaugh
Mrs. Ronnie Bumgarner
Mrs. September Searles


Substitute Instructors



Mrs. Lynn Startin


Financial Aid Office Manager



Mr. Douglas Daughenbaugh



Job Descriptions

Owners: Administrative managers responsible for maintaining the school in compliance with the Montana Board of Cosmetology, NACCAS, and all state and federal requirements.

Financial Aid Director: Enrolls new students, maintains student's files, coordinates Title IV program, order products and supplies, maintains library, manages employee records and payroll, manages all daily activities, schedules daily requirement plan, and counsels students and employee's as required. Also files required monthly reports with the Board of Cosmetology.

Instructors: Counsels students on work habits, checks practical and clinic work, teaches basic classroom (back class) students, conducts theory and law courses, assures all students become knowledgeable and proficient with the curriculum prescribed by the Board of Cosmetology. Other duties include grading practical performance, recording those grades, and keeping track of student's attendance records.

Financial Aid Office Manager; Manages in house accounting responsibilities, oversees Title IV programs, assist the Director with banking, performs or schedules maintenance on the equipment and building and assist the Director with the counseling of students or employee's.


Personnel Policies

The Bitterroot School of Cosmetology (hereafter referred to as the "school") operates with a full time staff and retains Substitute Instructors who are available upon request. All school instructors are highly qualified and licensed by the Montana State Board of Cosmetology. The employees are selected without discrimination as to race, sex, age, religion, or national origin. The school provides for its instructors, opportunities in continuing education that meet or exceed the requirements of the Montana Board of Cosmetology.


Staff Evaluation Procedures

All staff members at the Bitterroot School of Cosmetology are evaluated on their performance at least once per calendar year. The evaluation is to include an assessment, based on the quality of the education and environment at the school. All evaluations are completed by the owner and discussed with the staff member prior to adding it to their personnel file.


Staff Meeting Procedures

The school holds staff meetings a minimum of four times per calendar year. The meetings include a discussion of the effectiveness of the academic and attendance policies, the attitudes and moral of the students, and any other issues that are of concern and need addressing.


Continuing Education Requirements

The school requires each instructor to complete fifteen (15) hours of continuing education annually in accordance with the Montana State Board of Cosmetology. All hours must be approved by the Board to receive credit and all hours must be completed in ample time for the renewal of the instructor's license.