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Policy & Procedures Manual


Expected Compensation

A cosmetologist can expect an average annual salary to begin at approximately $16,000.00. The median annual wage in Montana is $22,200.The top 25% of stylist in Montana earn between $30,800 and $40,800 per year. Owners and managers in the field can earn in excess of $40,000.00.

The earning potential depends largely on such factors as ability and experience, personal style, the type of salon and its location, the tipping habits of patrons in your area, and the ability of the cosmetologist to develop a loyal clientele.

The Bitterroot School of Cosmetology does not recruit students that are already enrolled in similar programs of study.



Access To Students Records

Students and parents/guardians of minors have the right to review their student’s files by appointment and under the supervision of an instructor and/or the administrative staff.

Information pertaining to a student’s record will be released only with written permission from the student (or if the student is a minor their parent/guardian). Written permission will be required for every separate incident.

Student records may be released without their consent to any of the following agencies for the purpose of an audit or investigation. Montana State Board of Cosmetology, NACCAS, the US Department of Education, or any other financial aid assistance organization that is supporting the student with their education.

Montana State Board
Of Cosmetology

301 South Park Avenue
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513

3015 Colvin Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Employment Assistance

The school does not guarantee employment to its students; however, the school will assist students in seeking employment opportunities and advising students on appropriate means of realizing the opportunities.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and professional manner at all times. Students may be disciplined by verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, and/or termination for conduct that disrupts the schools operation, or reflects unfavorably in any way upon the school. If a student receives a suspension notice (sent home) because of their conduct, they will not be admitted back in school until the school is assured that such actions will not be repeated by the student and a written apology from the student will be submitted and placed into their file.

Following is a list of incidents that will result in disciplinary action:

  • Use of cell phones while clocked in and accruing hours.
  • Use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language.
  • Stealing from school, patrons, or other students*
  • Cheating, dishonesty, or falsification of records*
  • Clocking in and out for other students
  • Causing dissent among staff and students*
  • Immoral, improper, or unprofessional conduct*
  • Refusing to do services, or disrespectful to clients*
  • Disrespect to Instructors or staff of the school** Denotes incidents that may be cause for immediate termination of enrollment with no recourse for the student

Miscellaneous Information


The school does not have campus based housing for its students. Information and guidance may be obtained through the administrative office pertaining to housing availability. Ample housing is available within the immediate area.


The following code has been deemed appropriate for a professional image by the staff. Any student not dressed in accordance with the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes or accrue hours until they are dressed in compliance with this policy. All clothing shall be neat, clean, and in good repair.

Appropriate clothing for female and/or male students shall be:
Black blouses or shirts/sweaters/tops. Black pants, full length (no Levi/denim), shoes shall be worn at all times. Shoes must be clean and flip flops are not allowed.

Inappropriate clothing shall be:
Cutoff shirts, halter tops, bra-less look shirts or tops. Shirts with slogans or designs. Spandex pants, skin tight pedal pushers. Sweat pants or other exercise attire.

Lab jackets are provided in the student kit and will be worn at all times when the student is clocked in and accruing hours.

The instructor’s decision on whether or not the student’s attire is appropriate is the final decision. If it is deemed inappropriate the student will be asked to clock out and leave.


Students are required to be clocked in and prepared for theory class by 8:30am. Any student not in class and prepared for theory by 8:30am will not be allowed to attend school that day and all of their appointments will be moved from their book. Theory class begins promptly at 8:30am. Students must report to class with textbooks, pens and proper attire.

All work missed due to absence or tardiness must be made up on the day the student returns. Failure to complete and submit make-up work will result in 0% for that assignment and/or test.

Grounds for termination are predicated upon student’s attendance, test grades, and general overall satisfactory progress performance plus compliance with school rules and regulation.


Career counseling is initiated immediately at the time of applicants’ initial visit/interview, and subsequent to enrollment. During the training duration of her/his chosen course, the student will be personally interviewed on a monthly basis to determine her/his training progress, potential employment opportunities, etc. Results of monthly interviews are documented and signed by both the counselor and student and filed in the respective student’s permanent file maintained by the school.