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Miscellaneous Information


The school does not have campus based housing for its students. Information and guidance may be obtained through the administrative office pertaining to housing availability. Ample housing is available within the immediate area.



The following code had been deemed appropriate for a professional image by the staff. Any student not dressed in accordance with the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes or accrue hours until they are dressed in compliance with this policy. All clothing shall be neat, clean, and in good repair.

Appropriate clothing for female and.or male students shall be:
White blouses or shirts/sweaters/tops. Black pants, full length (no Levi/denim), shoes and stockings or socks shall be worn at all times. Shoes must be clean and closed toed.

Inappropriate clothing shall be:
Cutoff shirts, halter tops, bra-less look shirts or tops. Shirts with slogans or designs. Spandex pants, sin tight pedal pushers. Sweat pants or other exercise attire. Open toed shoes.

Lab jackets are provided in the student kit and will be worn at all times when the student is clocked in and accruing hours.

The instructor's decision on whether or not the student's attire is appropriate is the final decision. If it is deemed inappropriate the student will be asked to clock out and leave.



Reasons for absenteeism must be reported to the instructors as well as written documentation provided to the administrative office. If you are going to be absent for any reason, you must notify the school by 8:30am.

Tardiness is inconsiderate. Theory class begins promptly at 830am. Students must report to class with textbooks, pens and proper attire. Only time attended will be counted and students are counseled monthly for attendance and laboratory activities. Absent hours for scheduled vacations are prorated for progress evaluation.

All work missed due to absence or tardiness must be made up within 2 weeks. Failure to complete and submit make-up work will result in 0% for that assignment.

Grounds for termination are predicated upon student's attendance, test grades, and general overall satisfactory progress performance plus compliance with school rules and regulation.



Career counseling is initiated immediately at the time of applicants' initial visit/interview, and subsequent to enrollment. During the training duration of her/his chosen course, the student will be personally interviewed on a monthly basis to determine her/his training progress, potential employment opportunities, etc. Results of monthly interviews are documented and signed by both the counselor and student and filed in the receptive student's permanent file maintained by the school.