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Satisfactory Progress Policy

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is established in accordance with the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), Federal and State laws and regulations. This policy applies to all students in this school.

Maximum Time Frames For Course Completion

Course length is defined as the period of time required to complete the selected course based on a 38 hour week. Students must complete their chosen course with the minimum number of hours required and not exceed 133% over their original contract date, i.e.; Cosmetology (min.) 2000 hours, (max.) 2660 hours. Nail Technician (min.) 350 hours, (max. 465.5 hours. Teacher Training (min.) 650 hours, (max.) 864.5 hours.

Attendance Progress Evaluations

Evaluations are scheduled every month. Special progress evaluations may be conducted and documented as deemed necessary.

Academic Progress Evaluation

Evaluations are scheduled every month. Special progress evaluations may be conducted and documented as deemed necessary.

Determination of Status

The evaluation factors include; 1. Attendance, 2. Theory grade, 3. Practical evaluation grading. A copy of the satisfactory progress will be filed in the respective students file for subsequent review.

Temporary Training Interruptions

Student authorized absenteeism include illness, hospitalization, jury duty and emergency absences due to death or serious illness in the immediate family. It would be unreasonable to place students not making satisfactory progress on a two-week leave of absence and subsequently, on their return, consider them to be making satisfactory progress. In this respect an instructor will be personally assigned the responsibility to develop a make-up practical and testing schedule in sufficient detail to insure that student has the opportunity of achieving acceptable standards in attaining Satisfactory Academic Progress. Make up test may only be taken on the Tuesday following the absence. Students who meet the minimum requirements for attendance and academic progress shall be considered to be making academic progress until the next scheduled evaluation. Students who do not meet such requirements shall be deemed to be either (1) on probation, or (2) not making satisfactory progress. The preceding conditions apply to all students eligible or non-eligible to receive financial aid assistance. A student's contract period and maximum time frame will be extended the same number of days as the leave of absence.

Students may request one personal leave of absence and one emergency leave of absence, totaling up to 60 days in length (maximum) during their enrollment. the request must be submitted in writing, signed, dated, and include the reason for the leave. Request forms are available through the Director. The leave of absence if approved will automatically change the students expected graduation date, but will not result in any additional charges to the student. If the student is a title IV recipient it will not increase eligibility for additional financial aid and if the student fails to return from leave of absence it may negatively affect the student's loan repayment terms and their payment grace period. The policy requires that a request for a leave of absence be submitted minimum of 14 days prior to the leave. An exception to the 14 day rule would be unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, debilitation illness or other mitigating circumstances. In such cases a leave granting or not granting a leave of absence are; the reason for the leave and the student making satisfactory academic and attendance progress.

Course Incompletes

Course incompletes, repetitions and non-credit remedial courses have no effect upon satisfactory standards.

Appeal Procedures

A student may submit an appeal to the School Director relating to a negative satisfactory progress determination. The appeal must be in writing stating positive factual statements and justification prompting the appeal. The administration will review the appeal within 5 days and the appeal results will be conveyed to the student in writing and a copy will be placed in the students file.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

When minimum attendance and grade point average are reestablished, the student will be taken off unsatisfactory progress status and financial aid will be reinstated. The time frame for this is on a month to month basis.

School Grading System

92-100   Excellent 92-100   Excellent
83-91   Good 83-91   Good
75-82   Satisfactory 75-82   Satisfactory
Below 75   Fail/Unsatisfactory Below 75   Fail/Unsatisfactory


If a student falls below the minimum requirements and does not maintain satisfactory academic progress in either attendance, practical work or theory as defined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy they will be placed on Probation 1. Probation 1 last one month and during that time the student will not be denied financial aid assistance. If after one month, the student attends the required number of hours and raises his/her attendance average and grade point average back to the minimum requirement specifies, Probation 1 will be discontinued, and the student will be considered to be making satisfactory progress.

If after Probation 1, the student does not re-establish satisfactory progress, the student may be terminated or will be placed on Probation 2 (unsatisfactory progress status) for a month and the student will be ineligible to receive financial aid during that period. If after probation 2, the student meets minimum satisfactory progress he/she will be removed from probation and eligibility for financial aid will be available. If after Probation 2, the student fails to meet minimum satisfactory progress status, he/she will be terminated from the school and further recourse will not be available to the student. An exception to termination, if a student should be one, who in the opinion of the school is doing his/her utmost in order to learn and still has difficulty, the student may be allowed more time and special help in their effort to complete the course.

If financial aid is suspended and the student is ineligible to receive funds, the student must them make payment arrangements with the financial aid administrator to satisfy their financial obligations with the school.