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School Operations

Opening and Closing Procedures

The school is unlocked approximately 30 minutes before classes begin. At this time the following activities take place; all lights are turned on, the thermostat is set as required and students and staff prepare as necessary for the coming day.

At closing the instructors inspect the completion of job duties and sanitation requirements and prepare the school for the next day's operations. The cash receipts are verified and the cash register is closed. The last instructor to leave will turn out all the interior lights , turn on the exterior lights, and securely lock the building.


Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The evacuation plan will be explained in total at the beginning of each class or the first day of attendace of any new student to ensure that ll students are familiar with the plan. At the direction of an Instructor or at the indication of an emergency that would require the evacuation of the building the following actions will take place;

  1. Proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion notifying other students or clients of the emergency, and making sure they are responding in a like manner.
  2. Walk, do not run. Do not take personal belongings. Move to a safe location away from the building.
  3. Roll call will be taken to ensure no one was left in the building, Instructors will report the results of the roll call to the director. Do not re-enter the building until directed by an Instructor.


Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police, fire Department, Ambulance ........... 911

Owners ................................................... 961-5108, 369-5108


Break Room

The break room is located in the South/West corner of the building. The break area is everyone's responsibility to keep clean. You are expected to pick up after yourselves. This room contains a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a table, and chairs. This room or the outside picnic areas are the only places students are allowed to eat their lunch. You are not allowed to bring guest into the break room; this is for students and staff only. Smoking is not allowed in the building. The smoking area is outside the break room and it is the responsibility of the smokers to keep the area free of cigarette refuse.



The student parking area is behind the Conoco gas station and includes all spaces along the west/rear fence.


School Equipment and Lockers

A locker is available for every student. Locks must be provided by the student. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. The school reserves the right to inspect lockers or styling stations at any time for safety or sanitary reasons.


Appearance of Work Stations

Every work station must be kept clean and neat at all times. All equipment and supplies must be kept in their proper places. Soiled linens will be placed in marked containers. Mirrors and counter tops will be visible clean. Clips are not to be kept on mirrors, and a limit of one picture or appropriate photograph per work station will be allowed. No food or beverages will be allowed or consumed by students on the clinic floor. At the end of each day every work station will be visually inspected by an Instructor.


Sanitation Duties

Sanitation duties are assigned every month. You are not allowed to leave for the day until your assignment has been completed and inspected by an instructor. A list of the assignments will be posted on the bulletin board.

All sanitation duties will begin no later than one-half hour before closing. Sanitation of all equipment, work areas, tools, and implements is extremely important, it is not just a school rule, it is a requirement by the Montana State Board of Cosmetology.