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School Rules and Regulations


Every student is required to attend school 40 hours per week. We accept no part time students. After a student completes the freshman training program they may accrue approved overtime hours. In order to be credited with overtime hours you must be accompanied by an Instructor at an approved course or event.


Attendance Tracking

Students are required to record their attendance on an electric time clock, and are required to clock in or out whenever entering or leaving the school. You are responsible for recording your own time. Do not let other people clock you in or out. You are allowed a half hour for lunch (one hour for lunch on Thursdays). Students must take their lunch unless they are booked and have permission from an Instructor to work through their lunch period. If you fail to punch in or out and need to correct your time, had write a request stating the problem, submit the request to an Instructor and your time will be corrected. When taking lunch or leaving the school, be sure you sign out at the front desk and receive permission from an Instructor. Never leave the school grounds without permission, as this will result in an absence.


Absenteeism and Tardiness

Your attendance and punctuality are essential to your dedication, and are solely your responsibility. If you are unable to attend school because of illness or other personal reasons you must notify an Instructor prior to the start of classes on each day of your absence. Any absence due to illness or injury should be documented with a statement from a physician.

  1. Any absence or tardiness on a Friday without prior confirmation with an instructor, will result in the following; A written reprimand will be placed in the Student's file and the Student will not be allowed to attend classes until the following Wednesday.
  2. During the week when theory classes are being taught, if a Student is unable to clock in for the day prior to 9:30 AM, they will not be allowed to attend classes that day. Any theory class that is missed will have to be made up at a later date by attending additional theory classes prior to graduation.
  3. Items one and two above may be appealed if the student can prove to the School's satisfaction that the absence or tardiness involved an emergency or was an incident beyond their control.


Additional Tuition Charges

If a student must attend the school longer than the prescribed time allotted for the course of study, (2100 Hours for the Cosmetology Course, 368 Hours for the Manicuring Course, 688 Hours for the Teacher Training Course), he or she must pay an additional Contract Overage fee of $6.00 per hour (Cosmetology and Teacher Training) or $8.00 per hour (Manicuring). This fee is based on hours available for training not actual attendance.

The additional hourly fee or any portion thereof may be waived with written consent of the school under demonstration of any circumstances warranting such a waiver. The student requesting a waiver must submit their reasons in writing with any documentation supporting the claim. The Director will evaluate the request and decide what portion, if any will be excused.


School Holidays

The Bitterroot School of Cosmetology observes the following holidays and will be closed;

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Da, Labor Say, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. If New Year's Day or Christmas Day falls in the middle of the week, arrangements may be made to be closed either prior to or immediately after the holiday.



Students are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and professional manner at all times. Students may be disciplined by verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, and/or termination for conduct that disrupts the schools operation, or reflects unfavorably in any way upon the school.

If a student receives a suspension notice (sent home) because of their conduct, they will not be admitted back in school until the school is assured that such actions will not be repeated by the student and a written apology from the student will be submitted and placed into their file.

Following is a list of incidents that will result in disciplinary action:

  1. Use of cell phones while clocked in an accruing hours.
  2. Use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language.
  3. Stealing from school, patrons, or other students.*
  4. Cheating, dishonesty, or falsification of records.*
  5. Clocking in and out for other students.
  6. Causing dissent among staff and students.*
  7. Immoral, improper, or unprofessional conduct.*
  8. Refusing to do services, or disrespectful to clients.*
  9. Disrespect to Instructors or stall of the school.*

* Denotes incidents that may be cause for immediate termination of enrollment with no recourse for the student.


Make-Up Work

All work missed due to absence or tardiness must be made up within 2 weeks. Failure to complete and submit make-up work will result in a 0% for that assignment.

You the student are responsible for making an appointment with the appropriate Instructor (Instructor who originally made the assignment) to complete missed work.


Release of Information

Students and parents/guardians have the right to gain access to their cumulative records by appointment, and under the supervision of an instructor. Information pertaining to a student's record will only be released to other individuals or family members with the written permission of the student.

Student records may be released without their consent to any of the following agencies for the purposes of an audit or investigation. Montana State Board of Cosmetology, NACCAS, The US Department of Education, or any other financial aid assistance organization that is supporting the student with their education.


Dress Code

The following code had been deemed appropriate for a professional image by the staff. Any student not dressed in accordance with the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes or accrue hours until they are dressed in compliance with this policy. All clothing shall be neat, clean, and in good repair.

Appropriate clothing for female and.or male students shall be:
White blouses or shirts/sweaters/tops. Black pants, full length (no Levi/denim), shoes and stockings or socks shall be worn at all times. Shoes must be clean and closed toed.

Inappropriate clothing shall be:
Cutoff shirts, halter tops, bra-less look shirts or tops. Shirts with slogans or designs. Spandex pants, sin tight pedal pushers. Sweat pants or other exercise attire. Open toed shoes.

Students are expected to be prepared for the day prior to 8:30AM. Hair is to be styled and make-up should be applied prior to clocking in. A student cannot accrue hours for time spent on personal hygiene preparing for the day.

Lab jackets are provided in the student kit and will be worn at all times when the student is clocked in and accruing hours.

The instructor's decision on whether or not the student's attire is appropriate is the final decision. If it is deemed inappropriate the student will be asked to clock out and leave.


Theory Classes

Theory classes are conducted Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 9:30AM. Students are expected to be seated and prepared fro the start of class at 8:30AM.

All chapters covered require the completion of the theory workbook prior to test day. If the workbook is completed on time the student will receive +5% on their theory test. If the workbook is not completed by test day the student will receive -10% on their theory test.

All exams are graded promptly, recorded in the grade book, and returned to the students when all students have completed the test.

After a cosmetology student has completed 1500 hours of instruction they are eligible to take the final written examination and the final practical examination (Manicuring student, 300 hours; Teacher Training student, 600 hours). they all must take and pass both of these examinations with a minimum of 75% in order to graduate. All students are required to remain enrolled in the theory classes until they graduate, even if they have successfully passed both final examinations.