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Missoula Tuition

Tuition Fees and Payments

Below fees apply to any enrollment after Jan. 1, 2021

Application Fee (non-refundable)50.00
Registration Fee (non-refundable)100.00
Student Kit, Books and Supplies1,000.00
TOTAL$ 17,150.00
Application Fee (non-refundable)50.00
Registration Fee (non-refundable)100.00
TOTAL$ 4,150.00

NOTE: The above rates are subject to change without notice. The above fees DO NOT include the Montana State Board Examination Fees.


(Variable with Financial Assistance)

A down payment of $1000.00 (Student Kit), plus a $50.00 application fee, a $100.00 registration fee and the first month’s tuition of $1,600.00 (a total of $2,750.00) is payable prior to the first day of attendance. This is applied to the total cost of $17,150.00. The balance is payable at $1,600.00 per month (due at the first of each month) for the following nine months or until paid in full.

Teacher Training
A down payment of $500.00, plus a $50.00 application fee, plus $100.00 (registration fee), and $875.00 first month’s tuition (a total of $1,525.00), is payable upon date of enrollment. The balance of $825.00 per month is payable for three months thereafter.

Additional charges
The school will charge additional tuition for hours remaining after the contract ending date.  The additional charges are as follows: Cosmetology ($374.00), or Teacher Training ($204.00) per week or any part of a week until remaining hours are complete. Payment is due each Monday.

The additional hourly fee may be waived ONLY with written consent of the school under demonstration of circumstances warranting such a waiver.